Running in the dark

I know I’m not always the smartest runner.  For instance monday weight training I did a high rep, medium weigh deadlift workout.  That is itself is not bad, but yesterday met fiends for a 6 mile run.  My back was getting a little still 2 miles in.  I was able to make it through, but could not push it as i wanted to.

But that is not the point of this post.  I am a morning runner.  I prefer to be on the road at 5 AM;  less traffic and less people out at that time.  I find it a nice way to wake up get my thoughts together for the day.  This time of year it is still rather dark while i am running.  I run the same area every day, changing the course up a little depending on distance i want to go.  It is in a local city park, and for the most part it is lit by streetlights.  I always make sure that I wear a reflective vest, while i don’t see many cars while I am out. I would rather be more visible in the dark.  However, one thing that I don’t use in my morning runs are flashlights.

I know there are numerous types; ones in hats, gloves, even ones that attache to the body.  I just don’t like them; Compared to other runners I see in the morning I fee that I am in the minority in this.  Of the Regular runners and walkers I see in the morning there is only one other person that does not seem to use some type of flashlight.  Personally I feel that they impair my vision more that they help me see the road.  While I can see the road directly ahead of me a little better, that is about the only place they help.  Anything outside the beam seems to be darker and I feel like I only focus on the area where it is brighter.  Similar to being in a theatre, you focus on the stage and do not notice the audience as much.  From a safety standpoint I would rather be more aware of my surroundings than have a little better vision of the road in front of me.

I know I run in the city, mostly under streetlights on paved roads at that hour.  My opinion on this may be a little different if I did not have the streetlights, but I have never had an issue running at 5 AM without a flashlight.  For those of you that run in the morning, or even after sundown, what is your opinion on this.

1 thought on “Running in the dark

  1. I used a headlamp quite a bit in the winter. I usually run between 5pm and 7pm and during the winter it can be super dark. I can totally see what you mean about it making everything around you feel darker but that one spot, but for some reason it made me feel better.


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