Weekend Recap (4/13)

This past weekend my rugby club traveled to Detroit to play the Detroit RFC for our first league match of the season.  The weather was perfect and and withe a later start we did not have to leave Pittsburgh before the sun came up.  Our women’s team kicked off before we arrived and beat both Detroit and cinicnati’s women’s teams.  Our team also beat the Detroit RFC’s men’s team 45-26.  Unfortunately our D3 team lost to Erie, or we would have had a nice little sweep. While we won by a decent margined still have a little to work on if we are going to do well in playoffs this year.  We also need a win this weekend against Cleveland.  2 more practices to work out some minor issues before then.

Sunday I had scheduled a long run 11 miles, but after getting home at 2 am,  I could not drag myself out of bed for a run.  I had hoped to put this off to the afternoon but yardwork and spring cleaning got in the way.  Before I knew it 5pm was here and I did not get my run in.  Looks like that means a nice 11 miles after work today.  Now I just need to figure out where to run, I don’t feel like 11 hilly miles by my house.  I did manage to get a decent amount of yardwork done, so I don’t exactly look like that house on the block any more…though there is still a lot more work to do. 

I finished off the weekend by firing up the grill for some burgers, followed up by the season premier of Game of Thrones.  Leaving it at that because I know I have a few friends that did not get the chance to watch last night.

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