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I have always been someone who has had very tight hamstrings; however, it has never been too much of an issue…until recently that is.  The last few weeks the have been both tight and sore.  It is starting to get to the point where I think it is starting to affect my runs and other activities.  I know my gate has changes slightly (at least based on blisters in places I normally don’t get them), this has had an effect on my speed and stride, and overall tightness in my back.

While I said that my tight hamstrings generally do not cause issues, it would not be the first time.  Back in college when I was on the Rowing team, there was a period where I as having knee issues.  By the time i went to the trainer to see if there was anything that he could do, i was told two things. First was that the knee issues were probably being caused by my hamstrings, and the second thing was that I probably had the tightest hamstrings that the individual had ever worked on.  I was given some stretches that helped and was told to come back if the issue persisted.  After a few days of doing these stretches the issues with my knee seemed to go away.

Fast forward to today.  I still do most of those stretches, and I have added in a few others over the years…and recently I have found the foam roller.  The only real difference recently is that i have not been getting in my normal morning run, or gym workout.  While I do stretch out a little before a run or workout, I have never been a person to stretch out before a workout or stretch cold for that matter.  I just do not feel like I get a good stretch unless my muscles are warmed up first.  that being said i do get in a light stretch when I wake up and before I go to bed along with after any workout.  Now that my schedule has gotten back to being a little more normal, I am starting to get back into the morning runs/workouts.  I’m hoping this helps as I get a really good stretch in after these runs.  If not I could be in a little trouble as the weather is becoming nice again and I am looking forward to building up the miles to catch up for a rather disappointing January and February.

Does anyone else deal with Extremely tight hamstrings?  Other than stretch more, what do you do to help keep the hamstrings loose?