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Tuesday’s Thought

I turned my knee slightly over the weekend, and was struggling on my run this morning.  It probably would have been the smarter thing to take a rest day today, but it was just too nice this morning.  I decided to take the shorter loop as my knee was a little tight when I left the house, and it was just about the halfway point (where I start back uphill) in my run that I seemed to struggle the most.  I have said before that i do not run with headphones, running in the early morning I tend to find it easier to hear what is going on around me, so the only music I hear is what is going on in my head.

One thing that I have noticed recently is that when I am struggling on runs, the same lyrics seem to pop in my head.  I seem to always hear part of the chorus of “one foot” by Fun.  It’s not even the entire chorus, just the same line of it repeated over and over…”I put one foot in front of the other one”.  I find this a little odd for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that I don’t know the lyrics to this song, and I have never really looked at/thought about the lyrics.  I probably could not give you more than that line from the song.  It is not the most motivating of songs in my opinion, It would not be on an iPod if I used one for a run.  I could easily name at least 10 songs off the top of my head that I would use to pump me up, or motivate me.  But for some reason these are they lyrics that seem to come into my head when I have been struggling.

While there are plenty of songs that would be much better motivation, these lyrics have been helping me to focus through those areas where I am struggling.  Essentially on a run that is what you are doing, putting one foot in front of the other.  However, the tempo of the song does not really match the pace of my normal run.

Whatever it is, it has been helping me push through the points in my runs where I have been struggling.  It is interesting to think about what goes through my head when I am out on a run.  So the question of the day is, what goes through your head on a run?